I have had a very pleasant experience with Hudson Data LLC. Since I have been with Hudson Data LLC I had no problems whether it be training, guidance or payroll. The management has been instantly responsive and takes personal interest. I have been with other consulting companies and I am glad that I found them and am going to stick with them for long and would out rightly give my vote for anyone to join Hudson Data LLC.

—Rohan Mehra, Consultant, Wachovia

I have been with Hudson for over two years now and the support they offer is immaculate. They listen to their employee needs and make sure it is catered to as soon as possible. All of the staff in Hudson is very much approachable at any given time, and they make sure that each of the queries is answered as soon as possible.

I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in joining Hudson Data.

—Sera Yu, Sr. Analyst, BMS

I was working for another consulting company and I transferred to Hudson Data LLC recently. Within a couple of days I was blown away by the help they gave me. The help I got from my previous employer and compared to this one is like "two opposite sides of the coin".

They helped me in my visa transfer process as well as helped me out in finding a job. The people I work with are very helpful, understanding and friendly. The pay is good as well as the benefit that come along with it is great. And I would definitely say that I made the right decision of changing my company.

—Jacob Maijo, Consultant, StateStreet Investment Management

Hudson Data LLC understands your needs and career goals which is rarely found in other firms. After joining Hudson Data LLC, I concentrate more on my work, career goals and spend more time with my family.

—Vipin Paliwal, Sr. Business Analyst, StateStreet Bank

I have been working in US for almost 2 years and I must say that " Hudson Data LLC" exceeds my expectations.
Everyone is extremely professional and helpful to work with. I am very pleased with the quality and expertise of my company.
They are attentive to my needs and care about career goals and employee well being in general. I am very happy to be part of their family .

—Mahesh Sharma, Sr. Business Analyst, AIG