With businesses becoming more and more data oriented the decision making processes requires the ability to analyse complex data in its simplest form. That’ where Hudson Data LLC comes into play, where we gather data from different source systems, aligns it in the recognizable form and puts it through in a format which is ready to be analyzed for an effective decision making. Hudson Data LLC is one of the very few companies which have decoded the complex iterations of data management processes into simple understandable modules.

Hudson Data LLC can help organizations in:

Extraction, Transformation and Loading Processes
Through this process the required data is identified, cleansed for loading process and then loaded into the various source systems. The data aggregation also takes place at this stage, in such a way that the performance can accommodate high data volumes from various external sources. We aim at building simple data structures and focus a lot on data cleansing so as to enhance data quality by eliminating duplicate records.

Information Delivery

The end point or the goal as we say of all the data is to receive the complex data in an easier to view form, so that the analysis can be done effectively and efficiently. We at Hudson data LLC take it to the core of anything we do and make sure that the information delivery process is as smooth as possible. Our consultants are experts at Cognos, Business Objects, Crystal Reports and Actuate.

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